Belated Movements for an Unsanctioned Exhumation August 1st 1984

by The Inward Circles

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Lev Frightening and somehow beautiful. Favorite track: To Your Fox-Skin Chorus.
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Crashy88 How do we create an elegy for a long-dead individual, whom we know as a "bog body"? Inward Circles have figured this out--a respectful, but innovative, piece of music that pays appropriate tribute while asking the right questions.
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Dotflac An irrevocable act leading to the futile attempt of its redemption constitues the skeleton of this release.

Dissonant strings and piano depicting the unnatural and uncultural facets of this event crave to collide, shatter and dissolve into aural shards only awaiting their return to the soil they rightfully made theirs. Sore modern classical compositions accusing their desecrators and begging for their final atonement.

A trying release whose peculiar beauty will unfurl like a black rose. Favorite track: Petition for Reinterment.
John Cratchley
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John Cratchley I've been an admirer of Richard Skelton's work for quite a while now and I think he has excelled himself with this new is important,significant music with unimpeachable integrity.It is a prayer,an invocation,a protest and a plea...all of these things and achingly beautiful.
Sometimes (rarely) music can realign values,alter perspectives,shift the paradigm;and then things are never the same again.
This music is rare.



I traced
the convolutions of
turf, laid out by men,
& made new windings with the mole
through undisturbed

(Ronald Johnson, 'The Book of the Green Man')

Musica subterranea. Funerary landscapes. Lindow Man, discovered August 1st 1984. The internal rot of bog bodies. Bones decalcified from within. The transgressive nature of their exhumation. An auditory petition for reinterment. Edaphology: decay and transform. The fox as psychopomp. A descent: ‘Llwynog fyddi’n tywyswr i’r ddaear dan ddaear.’ (Fox be my guide to the earth beneath earth). An urgent summoning call to the bones of wolf, lynx and bear. Reclaim the archipelago with great violence.


released April 6, 2015


all rights reserved


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