Nimrod is Lost in Orion and Osyris in the Doggestarre

by The Inward Circles

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Dotflac Try to picture an elder, vast sycamore forest where no man set foot yet. Then imagine that the time here is not unidirectional nor continuous, but stochastic and fickle as the wind.

Now, think of this landscape as the last one you will cross before everything you know and everything you are caves in deep in the bottomless well of time. This is what this album sounds like.

Broody and visceral melodies for the end of the skies that will bow the strings of your soul in one last collapsing stand. Favorite track: Glimpses of the Empyreal Light.
John Cratchley
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John Cratchley If you haven't discovered the work of Richard Skelton yet then enrich your life;start here and then go back to his full discography at Aeolian.This work is highly original,full of dignity and is transcendent,moving and important. I believe Richard will become a truly important artist in the coming years.


‘—That night destroyed me like an avalanche;
One night turned all my summer back to snow.'

(Christina Rossetti)

Music for the writings of Thomas Browne, W. H. Hudson, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Dorothy Wordsworth and others. An exploration of 'the great volume of nature', its delicacy and violence, light and dark, solace and psychological burden. The tone of the work as a whole is aptly evoked in Hopkins' poignant phrase: 'nature in all her parcels and faculties gaped and fell apart'. There is a sense of things on the verge of collapse, of despair and regret.


released October 10, 2014



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